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MAUS offers a complete “advisory board” cloud software platform…starting at $199 month!

This is a structured approach to providing your clients strategic advice and mentoring for growth. The MAUS Advisory Board pack allows you to easily create a formalised structure for a regular monthly or quarterly meeting with business owners and or shareholders. The goal is to provide accountability, insight and brand value.

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Included in the MAUS Advisory Board product is:
MAUS Advisory board software inc KPI Dashboard & project planner
Simple 7 step client methodology
165 page colour “high performance business” workbook
MAUS templates inc business plans, policies & procedures, job descriptions and more
Technical support plan
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advisory board benefits

The MAUS Advisory Board hub turns your plans and strategies into a ‘one page’ living document, linking your budget, targets and key KPI’s to your business strategy. Easily report on each KPI and strategy for your business.

The system can be accessed over the web anywhere in the world. This means that multiple external advisers or management can view the performance of the company at a glance. Click a button and the “One Page” snapshot will be automatically exported to Microsoft PowerPoint. If any Milestones or actions have to be recorded the MAUS Advisory Board Hub includes a simplified project management module. Once created the system will automatically remind all parties of the tasks.

Documents such as strategic plans, feasibility studies, budget reviews and even company minutes can be uploaded into the Document Management system. Even the performance of key line managers and/or divisions can be reviewed with one click.

The MAUS Advisory Board Program concentrates on either a single CEO or bringing a group of CEO’s together on a regular basis to help each other make better decisions, brainstorm, network and workshop issues in a confidential environment.

Business results are reviewed and performance assessed each month. New ideas are discussed, problems are solved and strategies are planned. The program includes access to one of the biggest SME resource libraries.


Simple 7 step Methodology

The MAUS Advisory Board Program is designed with a simple 7 step methodology your clients can follow to create a higher performing business. It promotes;

Profit and value enhancement – high performance business culture

Clear direction (business, personal and exit) – less stress; more certainty and control

Staff accountability at all levels – high staff engagement and morale

Strong platform for growth – business systems and automation

Advisory Board 7 Step wheel



Determine where you are now what you wish to achieve over a selected time frame: Include business/exit/personal goals. What are your high-level strategies?


Review the success factors of the business and translate these into strategic goals. Start with your customer success factors and then review the other areas of your operations.


Review each of the strategic goals in the previous section and think through what you need to do to achieve this goal. Create a

90-day action plan and key milestones with dates and accountability.


Each month, review your business performance and your strategy. Adapt your Business Plan to changing circumstances.


“Tidy-up the business” and develop the systems and workflow to help execute strategies that ensure the business is not totally reliant upon the owners.


Align employee goals and targets with the company and then set in play a system to motivate and engage employees through consistent communication and accountability systems.


Ensure the long-term success of the program through continual top-level support and continual reinforcement of the system.


7 Step Methodology Encapsulated into a 165 page Client Workbook


MAUS Advisory Board Client Workbook

Why adopt the Advisory Board Framework

Benefits to your clients

Profit and value enhancement

The Dashboard has a document management system that will help to get your client organised. Upload their policies and procedures, sick leave, expense, commission and other critical documents to a central repository.

Align everyone in the company with the business goals:

The one page scorecard framework allows you to identify the key drivers of the organisation and then drill down to employees.

Strategy Execution:

What gets measured, gets done! The product has weekly planning, monthly planning and project planning modules that ensure strategies are executed.

High Performance Business:

Your clients’ will access state of the art systems to enhance staff accountability, profitability, systems, and build toward potential exit.

Benefits to your practice

The Dashboard will become the most powerful tool in your consulting arsenal. It will help you to:-

Build your confidence as an advisor.

Structure the way you engage your clients and perfect it over time as your confidence builds. The Hub will automatically create powerful PowerPoint presentations for these monthly/quarterly meetings that combines client strategy and business performance into a simple presentation.

Create a Recurring Revenue Stream:

It turns a “one on one” client engagement into a monthly recurring revenue stream creating structure to your monthly client meetings.

Justify your ongoing fees:

Exponentially increase the professional systems, resources and templates that you deliver to clients as part of your services.



MAUS Advisory Board Software

The MAUS Advisory Board software puts everyone on the one page. The MAUS Advisory Board software is an integrated set of modules that all tie in and compliment one another.

Monitor performance with the KPI Dashboard – Client “one page scorecard”.
Project / deadline management with automatic reminders
Document management including consultant’s resource library
MAUS templates including business plans, policies & procedures, job descriptions and more
People Performance



MAUS Unparalleled Experience

When you partner with MAUS you take advantage of our 20 years of experience and our investment of millions of dollars in software, technology and best of breed methodologies. You can purchase our tools individually, in the form of Consultant’s packs which are preconfigured bundles, or join our accredited international network of business advisors. Please see below for all available options.

MAUS offers the complete “Business Advisory” cloud software platform…starting at $199 month!

The Client Needs Analysis is a single app within the award winning cloud based software platform MAUS HUB. It features a complete suite of cloud business apps that will give you the competitive edge. Our other apps that can be purchased individually or as an entire integrated suite are as follows:

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Most Popular:
MAUS HUB – MasterPlan Business Plans
MAUS HUB – KPI Dashboard (Links to Xero and QuickBooks)
MAUS HUB – Virtual CFO
MAUS HUB – Exit Planner Pro – exit & succession
MAUS HUB – Valuation Gap
MAUS HUB – Performance Reviews
MAUS HUB – WHS Management System
MAUS HUB – Quality Assurance

Other Apps:
MAUS HUB – Virtual CFO (Links to Xero and QuickBooks)
MAUS HUB – Project & Milestone Management
MAUS HUB – Policies & Procedures
MAUS HUB – Document Manager

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MAUS has helped thousands of businesses develop and implement systems. Just give us a call, we’re happy to explain it all.

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Sample report and product brochure. Request a demo
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Risk Free 30 day money back guarantee

All our products come with a 30 purchase trial basis period. If for any reason you would like to return the product, you may do so within the 30 day purchase trial period. This makes any purchase of the MAUS product range effectively risk free and provides you the flexibility to ensure sure you are happy with your purchase decision.

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Risk Free 30 day money back guarantee

All our products come with a 30 purchase trial basis period. If for

any reason you would like to return the product, you may do so within the 30 day purchase trial period. This makes any purchase of the MAUS product range effectively risk free and provides you the flexibility to ensure sure you are happy with your purchase decision.

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