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The perfect starter kit to help you build a successful consultancy business!

MAUS awardIf you’re looking to take your consultancy practice to the next level, or even start from scratch, then this kit is perfect for you. It includes all the fundamental tools and training to begin a profitable advisory engagement with clients.

This product will show you how to earn $15k to 30k in annual client fees and then give you all the tools, forms and resources to get started. Start your practice with a bang in 2018!

….see our video trailer below , then either order on our 30 day money back guarantee and have access to a full working copy in minutes or ask for a product demonstration.

Why Re-invent the wheel?

Developed over 20 years with the investment of millions of dollars in software, video and client methodology.
Sample Client Proposals
Initial Client Business Assessment
Client Report Generation Software
Client Engagement Methodology
One Page Business Plan Template
Fundamentals Video Training
165 page colour client workbook
Hundreds of client assessment questions, ideas & tools.Business in a Box

Sample report & video demonstration
Free software demonstration video, software sample and brochure


Video Trailer – Consultants Business in a Box

What is included?

Video Training – Consultancy Fundamentals

We provide you with a complete training kit for yourself. If you want to build a highly successful practice then this Consultancy Fundamentals training course is a must!
Bundled together as an educational learning pack, this Consultancy Fundamentals course is guaranteed to teach, inspire and motivate. You will receive:
Video recording of 7 passionate presenters covering core topics.
“High Performance Consultancy – Lead Generation” video training.
“High Performance Consultancy – Win profitable clients” video training.
“High Performance Consultancy – Coaching v. Consulting Secret” video training.
“Your Business Success” 165 page workbook containing a strong client structure.

This course is designed as a one day course to teach you the fundamental skills to establish a profitable consultancy. Whether you are new to consultancy or an established consultancy looking to expand your practice then this course is perfect.

A complete Client Engagement Methodology

You will receive a 165 page colour client workbook that contains hundreds of ideas, diagnostic questions, forms and planning guides, that help you analyse and improve your clients business. These well presented forms include sample responses so it is simple and easy to use.

This client methodology is based on the best selling “Your Business Success” coaching program. This is a colour workbook broken into byte size PDF’s that lead your client through the process.
Help your client take their business to the next level with this 7 step methodology contained within a colour hand book. Completely structured, off the shelf and ready to go!
Included in this methodology:

MAUS Advisory Board Client Workbook


7 step methodology

Client Report Generation Software

The pack includes the MAUS Client Needs Health Check & Cloud Software. This will help you to conduct an initial audit of your clients business in minutes. After you finish your client assessment, all you need do is press a button and the software will automatically generate an impressive 15 – 41 page report.

The pack also includes the MAUS Profit builder “What If” modelling cloud software. This will help you to quickly analyse your clients business and conduct a simple “What If” scenario to see how they can grow. The software is supplied complete with diagnostic questions, simple sliders and dials and a powerful report generation module that will help you to provide maximum impact.

MAUS award

This product includes:
MAUS Client Needs Health Check Cloud Software (RRP $199 per month)
MAUS Profit Builder Cloud Software (RRP $199 per month)
Video Training Program
icon icon=”check-square-o” color=”#0079c2″] 165 page client workbook and electronic coaching program
Videos and training guides
Over 150 sample forms, templates, tools, diagnostic questions and letters to get you started.

“This is the best value consultancy pack we have ever put together in the history of the company.” – Peter Hickey, CEO MAUS Business Systems



Virtual CFO Software


Simple and Easy Client Needs Analysis Tool

The software automatically compiles a professional client needs analysis report based on a core set of diagnostic questions that you ask at your first meeting. This dramatically reduces the stress and ‘unknown’ when first engaging with a client by having a structured approach that is effective for all clients. And with the click of a button, the software will automatically produce a professional needs analysis health check report.

The Diagnostics are split into 3 different sections. The first discusses the high level financial and personal goals. The next level is about understanding what keeps the business owner/manager awake at night. The third section reviews the common best practice systems that should be in place such as Business Plans, Financials, Budgets etc.

The software will then auto create a gap analysis report and an action plan.

Instantly create professional reports your clients will love


Client Needs Analysis Report

And a whole lot more!

– A detailed guide on how to sell your services
– Sample client proposals
– High Quality one page business plan template

Sample report & video demonstration
Free software demonstration video, software sample and brochure


A proven 7 step system you can use with clients

  • Includes a 165pg interactive colour workbook
  • Professional Coaching Program Videos:
    Boost Juice Case Study, Budget Planning,Cashflow Management, Exit Options, Market Research, Risk Management, Sales Processes, and much more…
  • Coaching Program Diagnostics and Tips
    – Business Diagnostics
    – High Performance Business Quiz
    – High Performance Business Tips


Over 8 hours of practical educational videos:

  • Benefits of Hiring a Consultant
  • Coaching vs Consulting, charge rates
  • Consultancy Fundamentals & business model
  • Effective Lead Generation
  • Emotional Trigger Points for Advisors
  • Winning Profitable Clients


A complete toolbox of resources to use in your practice and with clients including:

1) Business Model

  • Consulting development plan
  • Market Planner
  • My Billings Calculator

2) Client Diagnostics

  • Business Health Check
  • Client Needs Analysis
  • Financial Ratios
  • MAUS One Page Business Plan
  • Profit Builder
  • Systems Builder
  • Threat Opportunity Analysis

3) Client Proposals

  • Advisory Proposal
  • Proposal – Follow Up

4) Client Tools

  • Business Diagnostic Form
  • Company Seminar
  • People At Work
  • Risk Assessment Checklist

5) Driving your Business

  • One Page Plan
  • Weekly Activity Form

6) HR Tools

  • Job Descriptions Example
  • Letter of Offer Template

7) Calculators

  • Retirement Calculator
  • Valuation Calculator

8) Practice Development

  • PR Release – Launch your cloud solutions
  • Area of Specialty
  • Capability Document
  • Disclaimer
  • Growing your practice
  • Marketing Ideas for Consultants
  • Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
  • Specialty Form and much more…

9) Sample Ebooks

  • Business Plan
  • OHS Ebook
  • Performance Review

10) Selling and Winning Clients

  • Client Acquisition
  • Effective Communication Selling Skills
  • How to be a Successful Consultant
  • How to Win New Business
  • Negotiation
  • Sample Lead Generation Programs and much more..

11) Strategic Audit Tools

  • Boston Matrix
  • Business Planning Diagnostic
  • Increasing Sales & Profits
  • Monthly Scorecard
  • Opportunity and Threat Diagnostic
  • Product Lifestyle


Assess and generate documentation/reports for your clients business in minutes rather than hours.

MAUS Client Needs Analysis software

  • Goals, Pain Points, High Performance Business, 30 question checklist.
  • Generate Unlimited Client Reports (Fair Use)

MAUS Profit Builder software

  • Profit Builder Scenario
  • Revenue Builder Scenario
  • Cashflow Builder Scenario and
  • Generate Unlimited Client Reports (Fair Use)

Risk Free 30 day money back guarantee

All our products come with a 30 purchase trial basis period. If for any reason you would like to return the product, you may do so within the 30 day purchase trial period. This makes any purchase of the MAUS product range effectively risk free and provides you the flexibility to ensure sure you are happy with your purchase decision.

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