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Consultancy Business in a Box
Consultancy Business in a Box
$999one-off $999one-off
  • Build a Successful Consultancy Practice
    Build a Successful Consultancy Practice
  • > Coaching Program
    > Coaching Program
  • > Client Diagnostics
    > Client Diagnostics
  • > Sales Scripts & Guides
    > Sales Scripts & Guides
  • > Sample Client Proposals
    > Sample Client Proposals
  • > Video Training Program
    > Video Training Program
  • > 100+ Templates, Forms
    > 100+ Templates, Forms
  • > 12 month access to MAUS Client Needs Analysis & Profit Builder Software
    > 12 month access to MAUS Client Needs Analysis & Profit Builder Software
Business Planning & Strategy Pack
Business Planning & Strategy Pack
$199per month$1,499per year
  • Increase Profits and execute Strategies
    Increase Profits and execute Strategies
  • > Business Plans
    > Business Plans
  • > KPI Dashboard
    > KPI Dashboard
  • > Project Manager
    > Project Manager
  • > Virtual CFO
    > Virtual CFO
ValueMax / Exit Planning Pack
ValueMax / Exit Planning Pack
$199per month$1,499per year
  • Maximise the Value of the Business
    Maximise the Value of the Business
  • > ValueMax Workbook
    > ValueMax Workbook
  • > ValueMax Software
    > ValueMax Software
  • > Client Needs Analysis
    > Client Needs Analysis
  • > Value Gap Analysis
    > Value Gap Analysis

Marketing & Lead Gen Pack
Marketing & Lead Gen Pack
  • Win New Clients
    Win New Clients
  • > Website Diagnostics
    > Website Diagnostics
  • > Business Calculators
    > Business Calculators
  • > 4 eBooks
    > 4 eBooks
  • > Website Banners
    > Website Banners
HR Consultants Pack
HR Consultants Pack
  • Offer HR Services
    Offer HR Services
  • > HR Policies
    > HR Policies
  • > Operations Manual
    > Operations Manual
  • > Job Descriptions
    > Job Descriptions
  • > Performance Reviews
    > Performance Reviews
  • > HR Audits & Diagnostics
    > HR Audits & Diagnostics
  • > HR Recruitment Test
    > HR Recruitment Test
  • > Mini MBA Rescources
    > Mini MBA Rescources
Health & Safety Consultants Pack
Health & Safety Consultants Pack
  • Build Systems
    Build Systems
  • > WHS/OHS Manual
    > WHS/OHS Manual
  • > Policies & Procedures
    > Policies & Procedures
  • > Forms & Tools Kit
    > Forms & Tools Kit
  • > Incident Manager
    > Incident Manager
  • > Risk Register
    > Risk Register
  • > Training Manager
    > Training Manager
  • > Chemical Register
    > Chemical Register
  • > Equipment Register
    > Chemical Register
  • > And more
    > And more


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Add these to one of our core plans for even more functionality.

Upcoming courses and events

Desktop software modules

Start a WHS/OHS Consultancy:

Lead Generation & Marketing Tools:

Legislative Policy Manual Products:

You receive a license that gives you the copyrights to legally use the software as a consultant and on-sell the IP to unlimited clients.

Risk Free 30 day money back guarantee

All our products come with a 30 purchase trial basis period. If for any reason you would like to return the product, you may do so within the 30 day purchase trial period. This makes any purchase of the MAUS product range effectively risk free and provides you the flexibility to ensure sure you are happy with your purchase decision.

Build a successful business consultancy or coaching practice overnight!

Watch the below video to get a flavour of what MAUS has to offer:

Mentoring and training structure – 4 mentor sessions to get you started with top MAUS advisors. Learn how to successfully utilize the MAUS tools. Monthly network meetings, and annual conference.
4 day training – more info click here
State of the art marketing and lead generation tools to win more clients.
Software based audits / analysis / planning tools – automate and systemize your processes. Guarantee quality. These tools save hours and hours of ground work, and generate professional quality reports with the click of a button. Incudes gap analysis, action plans!
Best of breed methodologies – supported by professionally designed collateral, software and DIY-style work books.
Value adds for clients – Resources costing millions to develop, including MBA course, TV production quality training videos, calculators, 100’s of educational articles…. All packaged up for you either online, or in power point presentations.
Turbo charge your first few months – training, confidence building, proven client acquisition models, and telemarketing scripts.
Forget being restricted by expensive business advisory franchise’s, become a MAUS certified consultant.


“Return your investment with 1-2 clients!

sign up clients to a $15k to $30k per annum assignment…and deliver stunning results”

If you want to setup a new consultancy or coaching business or add an advisory arm to your accounting practice then this is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way to fastrack your practice.We have developed a partner program for ex business owners and managers as well as a specific tailored program for accountants. If you are an accountancy practice click here, otherwise keep reading.

Become a Your Business Success licensee – 4 day training course

Are you passionate about helping business owners achieve success? Do you want someone to provide you with hand holding, step by step instructions and mentoring? If you want to have one of the most respected brands in this area work with you and provide you with all the tips, secrets and best practices that we have learnt over the last 20 years then give us a call or fill in your details below.

Let us train you on how to build a profitable practice and find out how the “Your Business Success” methodology can almost guarantee your client’s success. Receive instant access to business client leads, a great methodology, software, systems and mentoring.


MAUS Advisory Board Client Workbook

Perhaps you are an ex business owner or business executive looking for a new career. Or are you an accountancy practice that is looking to expand the practice into advisory services….You know that you could make a difference and it could be a profitable arm to the business but you just don’t know where to start.

A complete “Business Advisory” cloud software platform.

The MAUS HUB is an award winning cloud based software platform. It will provide your consultancy and advisory practice with an instant competitive advantage. It includes the largest range of advisory modules in one interactive platform.


MAUS HUB – Virtual CFO
MAUS HUB – KPI Dashboard & Project Management
MAUS HUB – Accounting Data
MAUS HUB – Strategic Planning
MAUS HUB – Exit & Succession Planning
MAUS HUB – Client Needs Analysis
MAUS HUB – Document Management & Systems
MAUS HUB – Valuation Gap Analysis
MAUS HUB – and more…

The #1 suite of business advisory tools

Click below to watch quick two minute video



Winner ‘Best Software Product’

“In my opinion, MAUS HUB offers a one-stop-shop solution – great management system and superb management support.”
Iris Brito, Live & Learn Environmental Education

Exit and Succession Consultancy Software

…we will even help you win new clients!

As part of your package you will receive access to prospect leads that you could potentially turn into paid consulting clients. In addition we will share with you over 20 years of experience of helping business consultants, coaches and accountants build successful practices. We will show you how you can leverage our simplified methodology and a nationally marketed brand to build your practice with good quality businesses. You can help facilitate an already highly engaging consulting framework.


advisory board benefits

At the end of the day it is all about helping businesses achieve success. This website is targeted to small to medium sized businesses to explain to them the “Your Business Success” methodology. But every business that signs up to the program needs to be assigned a business advisor to help them to get started. That is why we are urgently looking for business advisors, consultants or coaches or anyone looking to establish a new business in this area.

We take our advisors through an entire process to get them ready. This includes face to face training where we do role plays, scripting, discuss your charge rates, how to conduct your assignments and more. We have monthly mentoring support as well as one of the best methodologies and processes backed by millions of dollars of back-end software.


Just give us a call and have a chat or fill in your details and we will send a detailed information kit to you.

Very few people in the world have as much experience as us in working with consultants, coaches and accountants in building a successful practice.

We will also send you this 64 page guide “How to establish a highly profitable coaching, consulting & advisory practice”

You will discover what the hot segments are and how you can develop a program to take advantage of this…..all absolutely FREE. We open the bonnet to the knowledge that we have gained from working in the consulting, coaching and advisory forum for the last 20 years. We will send you the free 64 page eBook plus information that will outline how you can start or expand your coaching or consulting business using a simple methodology that you can deploy yourself.

…fill in the form below and we will give you instant access. The ebook will explain the art of winning new clients and leveraging a profitable practice.

Free Consulting-Advisory-coaching-Ebook

MAUS Business Systems sells books, software and even a full training and licencing partner program for consultants. We have published the YourBusinessSuccess program as an example of a simple success methodology that if implemented correctly could have dramatic effects on your clients bottomline.

We will send to you, in addition to your free eBook, a catalogue and provide you with access to videos and other material to demonstrate some of the options if you want to access some further great resources.

About YourBusinessSuccess. The YourBusinessSuccess program is backed by a nationally marketed program and a methodology and consulting software that has been tried and tested over the last 20 years. The Your Business Success methodologies could accelerate your practice earnings so it is worth having a look at the opportunity. At the moment we have too many leads and urgently require professional business advisers, accountants and coaches to join one of the fastest growing Business Advisory & Consulting networks in the world.

MAUS award winning company

The comprehensive 64 page guide lets you in on some of our secrets. How to setup your practice, what business model, how to accelerate your income and target profitable segments.


Why re-invent the wheel. ….who is our organisation?

MAUS Business Systems is the publisher of the Your Business Success program, Our brand has had over 20 years experience in this market and we have spent millions of dollars on our technology that is the back-end to one of the most successful consulting models in the world. The founder of the business Peter Hickey built his own  successful consultancy that grew quite rapidly. The business was sold to a multi-national. The second time around Peter used the coaching methodology to leverage and build a more profitable practice. Peter explains all in the eBook.

….You may also consider becoming a Your Business Success partner

You could take advantage of our Step by Step methodology, our complete training, support and marketing package. We will even send you leads as part of the program. Whether you already have an advisory practice or you wish to establish a new business or advisory division, this is the quickest, easiest and most effective way for you to achieve your results.


Simple Success methodology – Stunning results:

Implementing our systems will deliver stunning results for your clients. Our proven 7-Step Process locks in performance improvements at each stage that add up dramatic improvements to the bottom line. And because our consulting software is wrapped into the system it makes it simple for your clients to implement. … your clients and build a monthly business advisory fee..


Nationally marketed – Over 60,000 businesses have purchased the MAUS systems around the world

The brand, concept and methodology of the consulting and SME success program  is being marketed in magazines, through direct marketing email and web marketing campaigns reaching over 500,000 targeted small-medium sized business owners.

Systemising your advisory practice – Over 10,000 advisors have purchased MAUS consulting software

The MAUS consulting software at the heart of the advisory program provides an integrated set of guided processes, tools and templates that puts the power of strategy creation, implementation and performance tracking in the hands of SMB owners.

Lead generation

This system is designed to build leads into your practice so that small business owners will be approaching you and requesting help on the implementation.

 Get More Information!

Consultancy Fundamentals Certificate Course – Learning Pack $699

Bundled together as an educational learning pack, this Consultancy Fundamentals course is guaranteed to teach, inspire and motivate. You will receive:

Video recording of 7 passionate presenters covering core topics.
“High Performance Consultancy – Lead Generation” video training.
“High Performance Consultancy – Win profitable clients” video training.
“High Performance Consultancy – Coaching v. Consulting Secret” video training.
“Your Business Success” 165 page workbook containing a strong client structure.

This course is designed as a one day course to teach you the fundamental skills to establish a profitable consultancy. Whether you are new to consultancy or an established consultancy looking to expand your practice then this course is perfect.

You will hear from successful consultants who will lead you through the following process. The speakers include

Peter Hickey: CEO & founder of MAUS. Peter has trained or sold products to over 10,000 business advisors around the world. He runs regular consultancy mentoring programs.

In addition hear from Matt Jones, Dale Coutts, Phil Roberts and Greg Johnson on how they all built their practice from zero to six figure incomes. Learn the business models, costings and service offerings that they offer.

The course also includes over $1,000 of software to help you with your first client.

Certificate in Exit Planning One Day Course – $699

The Certificate in Exit Planning One Day Program was developed by nationally recognized experts who serve as faculty members for the Exit Planning Institute’s Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Program.The one day program was designed to take professional advisors, as well as sales and marketing professionals and colleagues of existing CEPAs, through a one day course that gave an overview of the overall Value Acceleration Methodology and provided some insight into the CEPA Program itself.

Where – Crown Plaza Surfers Paradise – QLD Australia
When – November 10th 2016
Time – 8:30 sign in for 9-5pm course.

Where – Sydney Australia
When – TBA
Time – 8:30 sign in for 9-5pm course.

The program takes the attendee through six modules which concentrate on the core elements of the Value Acceleration Methodology and the organizing principle of the methodology called Master Planning. Master Planning has three critical components referred to as the “three legs of the stool”

Maximising Business Value
Personal Financial Planning
Life After Business Planning.

Participants will also learn to describe deliverables at each of the three major gates of the methodology and understand how the exit planner and the “triggering event” creates action and generates business opportunity and deal flow for other professional advisors while significantly improving value and probability of a successful transaction.



Unparalleled experience – MAUS has 20 years of experience in business advisory lead generation, training, business models, methodologies and software.

Can you afford to ignore the secrets and lessons learnt by a company that has serviced over 60,000 customers and 10,000 business advisors worldwide?

learn how to win clients and build a profitable practice from practicing professionals earning 6 figures.

Walk away ready to approach your first client – Have the tips, secrets, structure and fire power to confidently approach your first client. Receive software, accredited framework, client handouts.




“I have been working as an Accountant advising SME’s for over 20 years. I have been searching for a program that brings everything together for us as Advisors to implement and execute with SME’s. [This program] does it for us”.

Mike Crowley, Mike Crowley & Assoc.


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