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MAUS award Instantly develop and customise professional business plans and marketing plans.
Automatic generation of cashflow, profit and loss, break-even calculation.
Recommended in the “Business Plans for Dummies” guide.
MAUS has sold to over 60, 000 customers.
Award winning software
Guaranteed with the MAUS 30 day money back guarantee.
Desktop & Cloud options available – MAC compatible!
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“I find the MAUS Masterplan program absolutely superb! I have recommended the software to many people, particularly those starting in Business and requiring finance.” Warren Broadbent



Save 50-90% of the time to create your business and marketing plans

If you need to write a business plan, whether it be for gaining finance, complying with requirements, or to spend some time working on your business (rather than in it), this is the product you need. MasterPlan will save you 50-90% of the time, and give you the best chance of successfully creating a highly professional business or marketing plan tailored to your business. MasterPlan business planning software is more advancedthan a set of templates that you modify. It is a premium technology platform that work in the background to automate and calculate as much as possible for you;

  • It has automated budget calculations, which is in turn placed throughout the document as financial graphs and tables.
  • You are expertly guided through each step of the “write your plan” process, which ultimately compiles into a complete plan with the click of a button. This plan can be edited further in Microsoft Word.
  • Milestones can be flagged and added into a milestone deadline project on the fly. Add your milestones as they pop into your head with a click of a button, so you don’t forget anything important!
What this means for you is a very insightful and impressive business plan or marketing plan, that will take LESS of your precious time. Even better, it will be a plan that has an accurate pathway forward to improving your business. MasterPlan is award winning business planning software that has been mastered by over 20 years of ongoing development, and is created by acclaimed author and winner of the 1999 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, Peter Hickey. MAUS MasterPlan business planning software has been used by over 20,000 users! We know you will love it, otherwise you are welcome to use the MAUS 30 day money back guarantee.

Improved MasterPlan Features


Write your plan the easy way

Focus on your business, not writing the plan!
Write your plan the easy way with the MAUS Intelli-Text technology. Our state of the art system automatically generates text for each important section of your plan, ready for you to customise. You can edit the text, delete it entirely or add your own text.

Your text will even be automatically updated if you change ‘global’ data, such as your business name or company financials. This saves you hours of leg work changing many sections of the plan if a small data adjustment is made.

Now you can focus on the important part – brainstorming great ideas for your business!


Automatic financial forecasts

Make the hard part, the easy part!
Calculating your financials from a blank page without any guidance can be very difficult. What financials are relevant, and how do you convert them into an accurate Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Sales forecast? MAUS MasterPlan automates the entire process for you. Simply input the financials requested in the financial wizard, and watch while MasterPlan does the rest! It will actually place your figures into the plan text, whilst creating financial sheets and graphs.

MasterPlan also caters for advanced financial analysis, including seasonal fluctuations, debtors, and much more.


Share and delegate

Assign colleagues to edit and improve your plan.
If you delegate the plan, you will get 5 times more done. Not only that, a better result will be achieved with more minds working together. MAUS MasterPlan makes it easy to allow your colleagues to access the business plan. Invite colleagues to help you write the plan, or invite your accountant to review your work so far.


Integrated milestone manager

Become accountable to your plan on the go.
Make your plan far more effective by automatically placing milestones into an interactive project manager on the go. A common problem when making a business plan is 50% of the priorities or actions identified are either forgotten or ignored.

MAUS MasterPlan helps you build a list of things to do as you write the plan. MasterPlan will actually automatically email you upcoming tasks on a weekly or monthly basis.


Stay accountable with KPI’s

Don’t just write your plan, implement it!
MAUS MasterPlan integrates a highly effective one page KPI scorecard that has been developed for over 25 years. Quickly generate reports on your business progress so you always have your finger on the pulse. Simply writing the plan will not improve your business, implementing the strategies generated in the plan will. MAUS MasterPlan helps you review the business strategies once a month, and will give your plan far more potential to improve profitability and success.


Access from anywhere, any time

Online access now available
MAUS MasterPlan is now available online and in the cloud! Perfect for delegating and sharing between colleagues. Complete your plan in your spare time on mobile devices that run Apple, Android or Windows operating systems.


Produce your plan in seconds

Watch as your plan compiles into Microsoft Word!
MAUS MasterPlan grabs all your ideas and financials and automatically generates a professional, detailed business plan in Microsoft word — ready for you to make final adjustments. Export to PDF and you can store your plan online, or email and share to relevant stakeholders.

You can build your business plan to be as simple or as detailed as you wish. Simply tick or untick the sections you want included, and MasterPlan will work out the rest. That is full customisation and control!



Expert step by step guidance

Achieve a plan with maximum quality!
Rather than spending valuable time worrying about how to write the plan, spend it brainstorming new and exciting ideas on how to improve your business. MAUS MasterPlan software uses a breakthrough, hassle free technology to guide you “step-by-step” through the planning process. The software will prompt you with ideas and suggestions, and will demonstrate through real life examples how you can analyse your business and prepare successful strategies for the future.


Why choose MAUS for business planning?

Looking to gain finance?

“I find the MAUS Masterplan program absolutely superb! I have recommended the software to many People, particularly those starting in Business and requiring finance.” Warren Broadbent
“I have worked with businesses for a long time, building business plans. The biggest problem is making sure you don’t forget anything; MAUS made it so easy and covers everything. One of my clients recently applied for a loan, using the plan I built using MasterPlan. The bank was so impressed, they now send their business clients to me to have their business plans written. Thanks MAUS.”

Looking to build your business?

“Not only was I able to generate some fantastic new marketing ideas for our business, I was able to prepare a comprehensive financial forecast in under an hour”. Charles Wellington, OMEGA – “I enjoy using the MAUS MasterPlan program because it so very easy to use and saves me a lot of time. I particularly like how it automatically calculates my financials. I highly recommend it!’ Christopher Winzar.

Great for getting finance or growing your business

The range of plans available are ideal for bank loan applications right through to setting strategic direction while the financial wizard allows you to develop customised spreadsheets and conduct a ‘what if’ analysis on all your forecasts. Core areas available include;

  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT and objectives
  • Marketing Plan
  • Human Resource Plan
  • Financial Strategies and budgets
  • Milestones
  • Fast business plan
  • Detailed strategic plan
  • and much more

Full list of topics for you to chose from

Executive Summary
Business Background
Sales and Profit Forecast
Proof of Sales & Profit
Unique Features Summary
Target Market
Competitive Positioning
Achievement of Goals
Summary of Financials

Business Analysis
Business Overview
Method of Trading
Product/Service Description
Defined Business
Unique Features
Success Reasons
Major Customers
Management Experience

Sales Analysis
Average Revenue Sales
Number Transaction
Number of Customers
Sales by Product
Sales by Segment
Sales by Geography
80 20 rule

Market Analysis
Market Profile
Product Lifecycle
Market Trends
Market Gap
Market Segmentation
Reason to Buy
Detailed Segmentation
Targeting Segments
Customer Perception (Actual)
Customer Perception (Desired)
Centers of Influence
Product Portfolio

Competitor Analysis
Major Competitors
Competitive Strengths
Product Positioning
Positioning Segments

SWOT and Objectives
SWOT Analysis

Marketing Plan
Sales and Marketing Objectives
Market Positioning
Information Systems
Market Research
Improving Customer Perception
Environmental Issues
Customer Promotions
Types of Media
Centers of Influence
Sales Strategies
Sales Force Checklist
Marketing Tactics
Marketing Resources
Sales Growth Strategies
Payment Terms
Warranty and Guarantee
Product Upgrades
Marketing Plan Summary

Production Plan
Production Objectives
Production Strategies
Production Capacity
Sales versus Capacity
List Development Project
Material Requirements
General Manufacturing
Production Plan Summary

Human Resource Plan
Management Objectives
Management Chart
Roles & Responsibiltes
Payroll & Employee Hiring
Policies and Procedures
General Atmosphere
Improved Training
Summary of Performance
Human Resource Plan Summary

Financial Strategies
Financial Objectives
Ratio Analysis
Financial Plan Summary

Cash Flow
Profit & Loss

Business Planning Professional Bundle Now Available

Less than 10% of strategies are successfully executed in the average business. The Business Planning bundle is the perfect tool for writing and implementing a business plan. Use MAUS MasterPlan to effortlessly create your plan. Then use MAUS KPI Dashboard to keep your staff accountable while you focus on applying new strategies, goals and targets…

Includes – MasterPlan, KPI Dashboard and Business Toolkit RRP $1097
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  1. When you trial the MAUS software you are trialing software from a reputable supplier.
  2. The MAUS brand has been around for over 20 years
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  4. The software range has won numerous awards.
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Risk Free 30 day money back guarantee

All our products come with a 30 purchase trial basis period. If for

any reason you would like to return the product, you may do so within the 30 day purchase trial period. This makes any purchase of the MAUS product range effectively risk free and provides you the flexibility to ensure sure you are happy with your purchase decision.

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