The quickest way to start, build and grow a Consultancy Business

Are you looking to Start or Grow a Successful Consultancy Business, Coaching or Advisory Practice?

Why re-invent the wheel? Fast-track & build your dream consultancy business with the Accredited Partner Program.

MAUS can help you to quickly establish your consultancy business by providing you with the tools, templates, software and training!

1. Certification as a Business Consultant & Advisor
2. Full training & mentoring (face to face)
2. Lead generation and marketing materials
3. Exclusive rights to use the ‘Your Business Success’ Program
4. The complete MAUS software range
5. Monthly mentoring and handholding / Part of an international network

Watch the 2 minute video below to find out the fastest way to start a consultancy business.

A Simple & Easy way to Build a Successful Consultancy Business & Advisory Practice.

If you want to setup a new consultancy business or add an advisory arm to your accounting practice then this is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way to fast-track your practice.

Are you passionate about helping business owners achieve success? Do you want someone to provide you with hand holding, step by step instructions and mentoring? If you want to have one of the most respected brands in this area work with you and provide you with all the tips, secrets and best practices that we have learnt over the last 20 years then give us a call or fill in your details below.

Let us train you on how to build a profitable consultancy business and find out how the “Your Business Success” methodology can almost guarantee your client’s success. Receive instant access to business client leads, a great methodology, software, systems and mentoring.

Why spend years trying to build what we have already built. Our lead generation tools, client methodologies, marketing and handholding mean that you can start making money as soon you join. The Your Business Success program is backed by a nationally marketed program and a methodology and consulting software that has been tried and tested over the last 20 years. The Your Business Success methodologies could accelerate your practice earning in a fraction of the time it would take you to do by yourself.


Is the Partner Program For Me? – How will it help me to start a Consultancy Business?

Perhaps you are an ex business owner or business executive looking for a new career or already have an established accountancy/bookkeeping practice that is looking to expand into advisory services. Leveraging the MAUS Partner Program is your easiest path way to success.

The MAUS Accredited Partner Program is designed for people who want a complete program providing not only software but also mentoring, training, marketing & lead gen resources, diagnostics, and the credibility of being a member of an international framework of advisors and consultants.


What’s Included in the Partner Program?

As a part of the MAUS Accredited Partner Program you become a part of a community that have access to the largest range of Software, Marketing, Lead Gen tools and Methodologies separating you from the other Consultants, Advisors & Coaches.

Mentoring and training structure – 4 mentor sessions to get you started with top MAUS advisors. Learn how to successfully utilize the MAUS tools. Monthly network meetings, and annual conference.
4 day training – more info click here
State of the art marketing and lead generation tools to win more clients.
Software based audits / analysis / planning tools – automate and systemize your processes. Guarantee quality. These tools save hours and hours of ground work, and generate professional quality reports with the click of a button. Incudes gap analysis, action plans!
Best of breed methodologies – supported by professionally designed collateral, software and DIY-style work books.
Value adds for clients – Resources costing millions to develop, including MBA course, TV production quality training videos, calculators, 100’s of educational articles…. All packaged up for you either online, or in power point presentations.
Turbo charge your first few months – training, confidence building, proven client acquisition models, and telemarketing scripts.
Forget being restricted by expensive business advisory franchise’s, become a MAUS certified consultant.

The 4 day Accredited Partner Training

As a MAUS Accredited Partner, you will complete an in depth 4-day, face to face training in which you will develop the core competencies that will empower you to become a successful Advisor, Consultant or Coach. The training explores the fundamental skills to establish a new practice or build an existing advisory/consultancy practice.

The MAUS team takes attendees through a range of sessions over the 4 days including:

  • The ins and outs of the MAUS methodology
  • How to build your practice with recurring revenue
  • Understanding lead gen and converting clients
  • How to build your practice with Exit & Succession
  • Establishing an Advisory Board and Group Coaching
  • Understanding marketing and its implementation
  • Utilising the software tools to structure and automate your services

Hear from some of the recent MAUS Accredited Partners


Receive access to the entire MAUS Consultancy Software suite for you and your clients

MAUS offers a cloud software platform that arms you with the largest range of integrated consulting tools in one interactive platform.Quickly and easily analyse and monitor your clients’ business. It gives advisors & consultants a structured workflow to engage clients from initial engagement right through to ongoing client management.

Totally customisable, you can mould the software to meet the requirements of each unique engagement. One platform, all your consulting needs. Developed over the last 25 years, MAUS boasts a complete end to end solutions for advisors.

Our systems also link with external programs such as XERO and QuickBooks Online

MAUS seamlessly integrates with accounting systems making monthly reports a breeze

Want to receive a more information kit?


Modern Marketing and Lead Generation Tools

As part of the MAUS Accredited Partner Program you will receive access to the full range of MAUS Marketing & Lead Generation tools, customised for your business. These tools can be used accross multiple platforms to generate leads, effectively & simply market your offerings and build credibility & brand.

The MAUS Marketing & Lead generation tools include:
Online audits and diagnostics, accessed through your own customised website
Online business calculators
Promotional videos, including “why engage a certified MAUS business consultant”
Mini MBA educational newsletter series – 72 newsletters
eBooks covering Business Planning, Exit Planning, Human Resources and more
Your Business Success Program – everything you need to land partnership deals with influencer’s
Professionally designed web banners and buttons
Brochures and Workbooks to help promote your offerings
Ready to go Presentations & Seminars


MAUS will help you to win new clients!

As part of the MAUS Partner Program you will receive access to prospect leads that you could potentially turn into paid consulting clients. In addition we will share with you over 20 years of experience of helping business consultants, coaches and accountants build successful practices. We will show you how you can leverage our simplified methodology and a nationally marketed brand to build your practice with good quality businesses. You can help facilitate an already highly engaging consulting framework.

At the end of the day it is all about helping businesses achieve success. This website is targeted to small to medium sized businesses to explain to them the “Your Business Success” methodology. But every business that signs up to the program needs to be assigned a business advisor to help them to get started. That is why we are urgently looking for business advisors, consultants or coaches or anyone looking to establish a new business in this area.

We take our advisors through an entire process to get them ready. This includes face to face training where we do role plays, scripting, discuss your charge rates, how to conduct your assignments and more. We have monthly mentoring support as well as one of the best methodologies and processes backed by millions of dollars of back-end software.


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How has MAUS helped you?

Alvin Dass – Empower Asia Sdn Bhd

“We can reach a new segment of people that benefit from the many marvelous products MAUS has”

Gail Metcalf– EQ Business Systems

“Comprehensive range of systems which really help me as an Independent Advisor”

Lee Tonito – Australian Marketing Institute

” I’m part of the award winning network of MAUS Advisory experts”

Lester Lewis – Lester Lewis Consulting

“Enjoyable and Immense Resources”

Janine Temple – JTC Business Solutions

 “MAUS has given me a good framework to form the processes for my client”

Trent Carter – Provident Business Solution

“for me the marketing tips and the tools helping me so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel”

Vic Ernst– Business Revival

“Based on my personal experience, I wasn’t able to find a better system”

Simone Mills– Citron Consulting

“I’ve already recommended MAUS”

Michael Altenburger– MAGAConsult

“I think MAUS is ideally suited for me”

Kenneth Anderson– Zentapon

“Independence but you feel as if you are working with a large corporation aswell”

Matt Jones– JCGroup

“The power of the international network and quality of content enables me to offer more solutions”

Allan Johnson– Johnson and Tennent

“Very good value for the amount of support, I would have to give it 10/10”

David Upson– UMT Consulting

“One of the best opportunities I have come across in the last few years”

Lindy Druitt and Matthew Dean– Norton’s Business Advisors

“It gives you the confidence to go out there with a client”

Phil Roberts– Future Focus Advisors

“MAUS is the best software I have seen”

Rob Rogers

“We can help our client boost their profitability and keep them compliant with all of their activities within the business”

Stephane Lemenager

“I needed some tools of the trade, I think I have found a great amount of tools now that I can use in my practice”

Carolynne Austin-Dougherty- Ecco Consultants

“We work with business owners to push accelerated growth within their business”

Barry Pestana- Natalie Scott International

“with the software that MAUS has produced has made Quality Management issues much more easily controlled”

Hilary Nissenbaum- Crown Accounting

” MAUS internationally partner network I can assist many business’s to their success”

Graham Long- Business For Sale

“I combine my experience with MAUS’s Business software”

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