Exit & Succession Advisory Board

Structure your consulting assignments.

An Advisory Board is a meeting once a month or quarter where you discuss the performance of the business and its successes & obstacles. The Advisory Board holds the business accountable to its strategic direction, growth, finance, people, systems & exit strategies.

Structure your assignments
Follow a proven 7-step framework that is supported with client management tools.

Unlimited Exit & Succession Plans
Create unlimited exit & succession plans with the click of a button.

Stand out from the crowd
Provide your clients with practical business insight and strategy success tracking.

Increase your profits
Create a recurring revenue stream and justify higher fees.

This product includes:

 MAUS ExitPlanner Pro Desktop audits and report writing software
 MAUS Exit & Succession Advisory Board Software
 Webinar Training
 Technical support plan
 Instant access via download link and online login
 You can produce unlimited reports for unlimited clients on the desktop software!



Instantly create professional reports your clients will love!

The beauty about the Exit Planner Pro is once you input client data into the software, you have a whole range of report options to produce… you can produce these at different stages of your engagement:

 Client teaser – how attractive is your business to a potential purchaser?
 Exit & Succession Gap Analysis
 Exit & Succession Action Plan
 Exit & Succession Business Plan

Exit and Succession Consultancy Software

MAUS Exit Planning software is a quick and efficient way to maximise the value of your clients’ business during an exit or succession phase. It used to take months to accurately audit and generate documentation of your clients business. Now it will take you minutes. In 15 minutes you can engage your client with a structured set of questions that are easy to understand and simple to answer. MAUS Exit Planning software will do the rest; click a button to automatically generate a professional report that includes a an exit gap analysis, exit action plan, and exit business plan.

To view a sample report, please request more information… click here!  (select Consultant’s Navigator software)


Best of breed methodologies

The MAUS Advisory Board software is a simple way to manage your clients’ high level goals, strategies, success factors, milestones and exit planning action plans.
The software follows a simple three stage process:
Stage 1: Offer your clients a valuable report at no charge or low charge to get them interested in your services.
Stage 2: Conduct an audit of your client’s business & produce an ‘Exit Readiness Gap Analysis’ report and a corresponding ‘Action Plan’ to build the clients value and readiness.
Stage 3: Establish a profitable recurring relationship with your client by establishing a monthly accountability program to build their value and implement the exit readiness program. The Advisory Board process is critical to your clients’ exit phase, helping you to lock in your engagement. MAUS Advisory Board software is a cloud based platform allowing for remote access and face to face assignments.

Work with your client toward success by establishing accountability!

Take the headache out of managing your business and install a simple to use software program that will introduce accountability and help you to execute strategies to drive your results. The MAUS Hub is a suite of software modules designed to help any business improve its ability to implement, align and communicate strategies. It is highly adaptable with “plug and play” modules that can be purchased individually or as a complete suite. It includes the following optional modules:

KPI Dashboard

Project Planning

Document management

People Performance

Consider that less than 10% of strategies are successfully implemented and 70% of CEO failures are a result of poor execution. This is particularly true for small to medium sized businesses. If getting the job done is important to you then we have an affordable, world leading software application to help you achieve your results.

Benefits to your clients

Instantly clean up your clients’ business:

The Dashboard has a document management system that will help to get your client organised. Upload their policies and procedures, sick leave, expense, commission and other critical documents to a central repository.

Align everyone in the company with the business goals:

The one page scorecard framework allows you to identify the key drivers of the organisation and then drill down to employees.

Strategy Execution:

The product has weekly planning, monthly planning and project planning modules that ensure strategies are executed.

High Performance Business:

Your clients’ will access state of the art systems to enhance staff accountability, profitability, systems, and build toward potential exit.

Benefits to your practice

The Dashboard will become the most powerful tool in your consulting arsenal. It will help you to:-

Build your confidence as an advisor.

Structure the way you engage your clients and perfect it over time as your confidence builds. The Hub will automatically create powerful PowerPoint presentations for these monthly/quarterly meetings that combines client strategy and business performance into a simple presentation.

 Create a Recurring Revenue Stream:

It turns a “one on one” client engagement into a monthly recurring revenue stream creating structure to your monthly client meetings.

Justify your ongoing fees:

Exponentially increase the professional systems, resources and templates that you deliver to clients as part of your services. Use technology to build your perceived value.


Simple and easy to use – step by step process

KPI Dashboard

Align and monitor business strategies. The one page KPI (Key Performance Indicator) snapshot includes financial and non-financial KPI’s which are fully customisable to reflect your business strategy and model. This enables a monthly review of your strategy execution, successes and obstacles.

Keep your finger on the company’s pulse

Create an early warning system by analyzing KPI’s

Create accountability to goals and targets

Improve staff engagement.

MAUS KPI Dashboard on IPad


Project Planning

Less than 10% of strategies are successfully executed in the average business. Keep your staff accountable, and receive a weekly email to remind you what tasks your staff are yet to complete.

Ensure accountability to deadlines

Turn your everyday meetings into a documented action plan

Automatically email your staff with deadline updates on a weekly basis – let the software sound like a broken record.

What gets measured gets done!




Document Manager

Every business has forms that employees need to access. The Document Manager module enables you to publish those forms into a central place. Research indicates staff turnover causes confusion over the location and correct versions of forms to use. The MAUS Hub solves this problem overnight.

Tidy up your company documents

Systemize your HR forms and workflow

Communicate to staff effectively

Keep documents up-to-date and visible




Performance Management

High performing employees are your greatest asset, however research shows 70% of staff are not engaged. These employees make up your biggest expense. Your business will not grow without converting your staff into high performers

Improve employee accountability

Increase employee engagement and productivity

Log employee attendance, leave, complaints, incidents, etc

Set budgets and targets

Maintain staff alignment to strategies and goals

Log company successes – awards, donations, testimonials,etc




Build your credibility as an Exit & Sucession consultant and lay the foundation for a profitable ongoing engagement

The MAUS system is one of the most advanced exit planning systems in the world. The audit process is automated with client questionnaires that can be automatically imported and then printed with 20-120 page reports. Each report is automatically branded with your practice details and includes your client details that are automatically merged into the reports.

MAUS can guarantee you will be impressed by the Exit Planner Pro software. It will save so much valuable time, and help produce credible, professional documentation in minutes. It is recommended by industry leaders.. “A highly impressive, effective and “must have” tool for any exit planning advisor serious on building a profitable practice.”

Chris Snider – President and CEO, Exit Planning Institute

MAUS Unparalleled Experience

When you partner with MAUS you take advantage of our 20 years of experience and our investment of millions of dollars in software, technology and best of breed methodologies. You can purchase our tools individually, in the form of Consultant’s packs which are preconfigured bundles, or join our accredited international network of business advisors. Please see below for all available options.

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Risk Free 30 day money back guarantee

All our products come with a 30 purchase trial basis period. If for

any reason you would like to return the product, you may do so within the 30 day purchase trial period. This makes any purchase of the MAUS product range effectively risk free and provides you the flexibility to ensure sure you are happy with your purchase decision.

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