MAUS Data Downloader – Automatic Price Data

Data-Cat Receive updates to your portfolio, including both opening & Closing price data as well as volume traded at the end of each day

ASX and International Stock Exchanges from all major exchanges

Featuring both Live and End of Day historical price information for equities

Live and End of day price information for Hybrids

 Simple and easy to use, with the click of a button


“I’m a long term customer who uses MAUS Stockmarket Plus mainly for property investment and for my SMSF. The program is easy to use and the report feature ensures I have everything I need for my Accountant at the end of the year. Also, the level of support from MAUS is always exceptional!”
Andrew Mainsbridgestars

Ensure The Accuracy of your Portfolio

The MAUS Data Downloader is a fast, simple way to obtain accurate ASX stock prices, seamlessly into your Stockmarket Plus Software. All it takes is a few clicks and you can save yourself hours manually updating prices in your portfolio.

Receive Updates on your portfolios share prices including bothopening and closing prices, high and low prices and the volume traded at the end of each trading day.


Save hours of Data Entry Time

Why go through the tedious process of searching for stockmarket price updates, entering them into your portfolio, and then checking for accuracy? You can do it all with the click of a button.

Inaccurate price data is a problem no one wants to ever find out once its to late. Take the risk out of accidental data entry mistakes by letting the MAUS stock market price data downloader do it all for you.


Benefits of MAUS Daily Downloader Entire Market:

  • Imports information directly into Stockmarket Plus
  • Monitor your portfolio on a daily basis with up to data stock price data
  • Easily chart movements in share prices with fresh daily data
  • Produce accurate reports for Australian tax purposes
  • Save hours updating your stock prices daily
  • Unlimited downloads for subscribers


There are two versions for you to choose from:

Basic – Receive End of Day stock price data updates for any share found in your portfolio.

Premium – Receive LIVE Stock price data updates for any share found in your portfolio.

Risk Free 30 day money back guarantee

All our products come with a 30 purchase trial basis period. If for any reason you would like to return the product, you may do so within the 30 day purchase trial period. This makes any purchase of the MAUS product range effectively risk free and provides you the flexibility to ensure sure you are happy with your purchase decision.

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