Sample KPI’s – Industry specific example KPI’s

Sample KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator’s)

These sample industry KPI’s can be easily created and managed in the MAUS KPI Dashboard (KPI Software) product.

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Sample University KPI’s

Sample University KPI 1. Student Loan default rate
Sample University KPI 2. Graduation rate
Sample University KPI 3. Number of enrolments
Sample University KPI 4. Graduate job placement rates
Sample University KPI 5. Range of courses available
Sample University KPI 6. Amount of international students attending
Sample University KPI 7. Quality of teaching
Sample University KPI 8. Class size
Sample University KPI 9. Administrative expenses
Sample University KPI 10. size/allocation of budget
Sample University KPI 11. Number of new courses developed

Sample Marketing / Sales KPI’s

Sample Marketing / Sales KPI 1. Calls / Leads generated – track your conversion rate
Sample Marketing / Sales KPI 2. Track advertising expenditure
Sample Marketing / Sales KPI 3. number of campaigns
Sample Marketing / Sales KPI 4. Units sold
Sample Marketing / Sales KPI 5. ROI on advertising
Sample Marketing / Sales KPI 6. ROI on sales staff
Sample Marketing / Sales KPI 7. Cost per customer
Sample Marketing / Sales KPI 8. Size / quality / efficiency of customer database
Sample Marketing / Sales KPI 9. Amount of new customers
Sample Marketing / Sales KPI 10. Average value sale

Sample Retail KPI’s

Sample Retail KPI 1. Customers served each day
Sample Retail KPI 2. Number of returned products
Sample Retail KPI 3. Number of customer service problems
Sample Retail KPI 4. Inventory levels – number of products / value
Sample Retail KPI 5. Average value sale per customer
Sample Retail KPI 6. Business market share
Sample Retail KPI 7. Number of repeat purchases (compared to total customer database)
Sample Retail KPI 8. Number of lost customers
Sample Retail KPI 9. Average time of sale conversion
Sample Retail KPI 10. Level of customer loyalty
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Sample Hospitals KPI’s

Sample Hospitals KPI 1. Number of patients seen
Sample Hospitals KPI 2. Average patient waiting time
Sample Hospitals KPI 3. Number of complaints
Sample Hospitals KPI 4. Number of beds occupied
Sample Hospitals KPI 5. Staffing levels
Sample Hospitals KPI 6. Budget allocation / constraints
Sample Hospitals KPI 7. Inventory levels
Sample Hospitals KPI 8. Expenses (medication, administration)
Sample Hospitals KPI 9. Wastage
Sample Hospitals KPI 10. Number of different specialist departments (eg eye specialists)

Sample Manufacturing KPI’s

Sample Manufacturing KPI 1. damaged stock / waste
Sample Manufacturing KPI 2. Level of capacity
Sample Manufacturing KPI 3. Average inventory
Sample Manufacturing KPI 4. Production time
Sample Manufacturing KPI 5. Number of different products that production machine can make (i.e. can the
machine produce several different products or just the one?)
Sample Manufacturing KPI 6. Production costs
Sample Manufacturing KPI 7. Amount of production that is computerised vs manual amount
Sample Manufacturing KPI 8. Downtime between production
Sample Manufacturing KPI 9. R & D effectiveness
Sample Manufacturing KPI 10. Employee productivity

Sample Construction KPI’s

Sample Construction KPI 1. Average time on job
Sample Construction KPI 2. Travel time between jobs
Sample Construction KPI 3. Average fee
Sample Construction KPI 4. Amount of Work In Progress
Sample Construction KPI 5. Outstanding debts
Sample Construction KPI 6. Number of new contracts gained
Sample Construction KPI 7. Cost of winning new contracts
Sample Construction KPI 8. Liquidity
Sample Construction KPI 9. Investment in IT
Sample Construction KPI 10. Labour costs

Sample Hospitality KPI’s

Sample Hospitality KPI 1. Relative market share
Sample Hospitality KPI 2. Proximity of competitors
Sample Hospitality KPI 3. Profitability
Sample Hospitality KPI 4. Costs / expenses
Sample Hospitality KPI 5. Level of capacity
Sample Hospitality KPI 6. Location
Sample Hospitality KPI 7. Innovation
Sample Hospitality KPI 8. Quality of customer service
Sample Hospitality KPI 9. Reliability / motivation of staff
Sample Hospitality KPI 10. Management efficiency

Sample Transportation – Trucking KPI’s

Sample Transportation – Trucking KPI 1. Content delivery ratio
Sample Transportation – Trucking KPI 2. Truck / vehicle load weight
Sample Transportation – Trucking KPI 3. Truck fuel efficiency
Sample Transportation – Trucking KPI 4. Average delivery time
Sample Transportation – Trucking KPI 5. Average delivery distance
Sample Transportation – Trucking KPI 6. Geographic coverage (eg state, national)
Sample Transportation – Trucking KPI 7. Amount of deviations from schedule (eg delays)
Sample Transportation – Trucking KPI 8. Amount of contracts gained
Sample Transportation – Trucking KPI 9. Type / coverage of competitors
Sample Transportation – Trucking KPI 10. Costs (eg labour, fuel)

Sample Computer Industry KPI’s

Sample KPI 1. Time to market (new products)
Sample KPI 2. Costs (development, production, COGS, marketing)
Sample KPI 3. Investment in R & D
Sample KPI 4. Access to new technology
Sample KPI 5. Organisational ability to synthesise new technologies
Sample KPI 6. Competitive strategic moves
Sample KPI 7. Rate of innovation
Sample KPI 8. Customer satisfaction / dissatisfaction
Sample KPI 9. Order processing time
Sample KPI 10. Customer follow up time (follow up on customer complaints)

Sample Architects KPI’s

Sample KPI 1. number of present projects
Sample KPI 2. Number / proximity of competitors
Sample KPI 3. Average time on each project
Sample KPI 4. Average income per project
Sample KPI 5. Income gained from new business
Sample KPI 6. Income per associate
Sample KPI 7. Staff labour expenses
Sample KPI 8. Costs (planning, overheads, gaining new business)
Sample KPI 9. Return on investment
Sample KPI 10. Cash flow

Sample Health and Fitness Club KPI’s

Sample KPI 1. Number of members
Sample KPI 2. Frequency of visits
Sample KPI 3. Which areas of the club most interested in
Sample KPI 4. Analyse sales from additional services / shops
Sample KPI 5. Track advertising / marketing success
Sample KPI 6. Junior / Cafe

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