MAUS has launched a new consultancy business in a box targeted at retirees and those thinking of retiring.

We have been pleasantly surprised at the reaction of our customers to our new product and training program. “There are two forces at play when people retire” says Peter Hickey CEO of MAUS Business Systems. “The first deals with the mind and the second with the financials”

“Too many people retire with no plan. They have been used to a senior management position, have great skills and knowledge and have been very active. As soon as they retire, they become bored and in some cases find it hard to adjust. Starting a consultancy business as a part of retirement makes good sense. It keeps the individual active and contributing the great wealth of knowledge they have.”

Mentors, business coaches and consultants feel a great sense of well being when they help someone. But consulting also offers a great source of additional finance.

MAUS has just launched a package particularly targeted at making this transformation easy. Step by step guides and the opportunity to be part of a national network.

Contact MAUS on 1300 300 583 for a list of the next seminar in your area. Look up the website at

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