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MAUS has had over 20 years of experience in helping coaches, consultants, accountants and advisors build a successful practice. Below is a highlight of just some of the tips that is included in the Ebook. If you want to receive the entire 64 page Ebook then enter your details at the top right of this page. Hopefully it will prevent you from re-inventing the wheel and provide you with ideas to build a profitable practice


How do you get started in your practice?

Your first task is to think about your positioning and then evolve a business model to maximize your profitability. You need to develop a plan that focuses on the following key areas

STEP 1. How you will win clients

The starting point is to focus on your practice positioning. Is there a market area, industry or niche that you wish to specialize? Backup your positioning with good quality documentation

  1. The documentation describes you, your practice and your experience
  2. Develop client focused the programs or services that you will offer.
  3. Start networking and marketing.

STEP 2. How you will build your business model

After you have decided on your niche and developed your core marketing plan you need to build a business model that will maximize your profitability. The typical drivers of the business model are

      • The number of new clients that your practice will acquire per month/week/per annum:
      • Your Conversion Rate:
      • Your Billing Rate:
      • The optimum number of hours you need to work to balance lifestyle with work: The business model must be systemised and leveraged.

STEP 3. You need to also work on a personal self development program

This will help you to :

      • Improve your experience level
      • Improve your understanding of business and management theory.
      • Improve your confidence & networking


Why start a business coaching practice?

Starting a coaching business or adding an advisory arm to your existing practice makes a lot of sense.

1. If you look at your key drivers and configure your practice correctly then you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars out of a very rewarding profession.

2. There is little inventory and investment cost.

3. The market is huge

4. Even in a recession your clients need your services.

5. If you automate your business then the practice can be leveraged so that it can be built as a multiple person practice.


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