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MAUS KPI Scorecard
Instantly create a one page snap of your business. This program will turn your strategy into a monthly action plan.

MAUS Strategic Planning Pack

WebMarketing SEO Software

MAUS WebMarketing SEO is one of the leading brands of web promotion software in the market today. MAUS WebMarketing SEO makes search engine optimisation simple and provides a strategy for improving the ranking of your website.

Search engines generate 85% of all internet traffic. Having your website highly ranked on all major search engines (like Yahoo, Google) is the most effective way of promoting your web page on the internet.

In order to maintain a high search engine placing for your chosen keyword, it is essential to regularly submit your website details to these web directories and engines. The actual registration process can be deceptively simple but time consuming, especially if done on a regular basis. Using MAUS WebMarketing SEO will save you between 50 - 90% of the time taken to do this repetitive but important task.

Using the step by step process, MAUS WebMarketing SEO's do it yourself submission method is the easiest and cheapest way to promote your web page on the internet.

With MAUS WebMarketing SEO you can submit without extra costs, and stop spending money on a submission service. MAUS WebMarketing SEO has been developed to offer website owners the ability to promote their websites to the ever increasing number of search engines on the internet without any hassles or complications.

Simply enter your website details and press a button. This incredible web promotion software will automatically submit your entire website to over 1000 major search engines within minutes and also provides you all the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools to get your website listed in the top positions.

At a click of a button, MAUS WebMarketing SEO provides you with:

  • Submit your website to hundreds of major search engines
  • Utilise Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
  • Submit unlimited URLs whenever you like without extra cost
  • Regularly submit your website details to web directories and engines
  • Rank your website highly on all Major Search Engines

Who Should Use MAUS WebMarketing SEO:

MAUS WebMarketing SEO is ideal for anyone looking to continually promote their website and ensure that their site is positioned at the top of search engines.

This software is ideal for both small and large organisations, users of this software include: Managing Directors, Accountants, Sales Managers, CEOs, Senior Managers, Marketing Mangers, Consultants, Business Owners and Product Managers.

Key reasons why you should use MAUS WebMarketing SEO:

  • Keyword Library: Utilise the library to create unlimited keywords which suit your website.
  • Meta Tag Generator: Meta Tags are important for website visibility as search engines read them from your site when you submit to them.
  • Website Optimiser: Automatically submits your website, and increases visitor conversion rates and constantly tests different elements of the site content.
  • Web Ranking Report: Allows you to review the ranking of your website submissions over a certain period.

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WebMarketing SEO Professional

Professional edition was designed for the high level SEO professional or consultant to provide SEO solutions for their clients or manage their own web sites. Includes all of the Standard features as well as advanced customised reporting, unlimited project and domains, and more.

Price: $299