1. Faster deployment across the business: As soon as you subscribe you will have instant access. No downloading and complex installations.
  2. Automatic upgrades: We are constantly upgrading our software with feature releases and software enhancements. In a cloud based product this happens seamlessly and invisibly.
  3. Easier collaboration: All your staff can have access to the same software and depending on permissions the same information.
  4. Instant scalability: As your business grows you simply turn on more software seats. This can be done at the touch of a button. Deploy across most hardware and software configurations seamlessly
  5. Security: Our system is hosted in a secure data centre with professionals that manage the data backup and security.

We’ve been working really hard on our latest business software, which is the cloud based Business Dashboard (full details on http://www.maus.com.au or for pricing visit https://www.mausdashboard.com).

PS. Why not check out our new resource center for small business? It’s call the MAUS Business Club.

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